Saturday, December 5, 2009

awards and a book review

Thena @ Patiently Waiting gave me this sweet award. I woke up on the morning before Thanksgiving and was so "thankful" to have been given it. If you don't know Thena, she is a sweet friend, loves our JESUS, and is currently having a great month of giveaways so please go visit her and join in on her giveaways!

This "friend award" came from my sweet friend Andrea @ Arise to Write.
I think most of my friends know Andrea but if you don't PLEASE go meet this precious woman of God and amazing prayer warrior!

This award asks that I share 5 things about myself.
1) I should NOT be on the computer right now, I have WAY TO MUCH TO BE DOING :)
2) I Love the LORD w/ all my heart and am learning and being stretched in new ways in this season in my life.
3) I LOve to watch Golf on TV.....weird I know
4) Chips and Salsa are my favorite "comfort food"
5) I love having my family around me. There is nothing better than being a mom and a NONI ♥
Thankyou friends for these sweet awards.

I have many books to review and certain dates to do them but in this case for Thomas Nelson, It is simply to review them when we finish reading them versus doing a book tour with other publishers. So I am excited to share this WONDERFUL book with you.

This little book is MIGHTY!! It is packed full of Encouragement, Scripture and has a way of helping you see a whole new perspective in different situations. Gods Love, Hope, Intimacy w/Him, Worry are just SOME of the issues she shares. I would recommend this book HIGHLY for any time of the year as a gift. A PERFECT teacher gift at school, sunday school, or homeschool teacher would be thrilled to receive this from anyone! Mothers, Fathers, and even kids will moved by reading this power packed book every day. Or if you wish morning, noon and night. Gods Word is alive and active and will speak to us EVERY TIME we spend time reading it!
and don't forget when purchasing for your friends, teachers, or family to purchase one for yourself! You will be so glad you did!

This review is my humble opinion and I received this copy free from Thomas Nelson Publishers with no compensation. All they asked what that I share my opinion once I read the book. Please visit if you are interested or would like to read any other reviews.

Product Details
Format: Padded Hardcover
Trim Size: 4.10 x 6.10 x 1.10
Page Count: 368
Retail Price: $14.99 ISBN: 1404186956
ISBN-13: 9781404186958
Style#: 9781404186958
Carton Qty: 24

Love and Blessings



GOLF? I would have never bores me to tears. I am thankful to know someone loves it.

Love you much..thank you for your kind words. I am blessed to be your friend!



Congratulations on your award! I also heard great reviews on that book. It's amazing when one is truly inspired by Him. Take care and have a blessed weekend. Love you in Christ.


Congrats on your awards... well deserved! :) Another great sounding book... it must be fun to read so many wonderful books!! Chips and salsa - yum! Golf...? LOL

Love & Blessings,


Congrats on your awards, and awesome book review.



How funny that you and I are walking in that same path when we are choosing our books from Thomas Nelson. I've been reading this one quite a bit as you can imagine.

I too, love chips and salsa as a great snack food. So much better than some other unhealthy alternatives!

Congratulations on receiving this award as you are truly blessed to receive it. You do make sure our circle of friends remains intact!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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