Sunday, October 11, 2009

You say it's your bday?

Well it's my birthday to....YA! LOL Yes Today the 12th is my birthday and we had the family over the celebrate on Sunday. My brother and his g-friend were sick (get well guys) It was a wonderful day filled with my family, food and lots of love and laughter!

My husband made me a yummy chocolate cake that you will see Rylee enjoyed more than anyone else and together we made homemade chicken soup and chili along with some homemade corn bread and herb cheese bread .....OH MY was it all delicious!

Thankyou for making my day so very special and thankyou Lord for loving me and setting my feet on solid ground I love you soo

39 and holding ;)

sweet kisses from momma

Rylee and NONI

she loves her Jenna


happy Monday and blessings ~ I love you all



Loren, Happy Birthday !!! Glad you had such a perfect day. Love the pics:)


Happy Birthday. All the best!

I came from Spiritual Sunday.





I am so glad I found you in blog land! Have a wonderful day. Happy Birthday!

The Real Me!

Oh a BIG GIANT HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUG right to you from me my friend.
I guess you aren't as vain as I was and spread your birthday out over the course of the week! LOL. And next years my 40th so I'm sure I"ll spread it out over a month! LOL
You look beautiful and happy girlfriend.


You look like a teenager....U can't even be 39! Thank you for sharing your beautiful day...especially that little adorable chocolate covered Riley!

Blessings, andrea


Aww, Happy Birthday you beautiful sister! Love that gorgeous baby girl!! She is loving that cake.

You are very special to my heart Sis. I'm praying for you. Enjoy another 39 + 39 + 39 more years for in Christ we live for eternity. Amen and Amen!

Have a beautiful day. Love ya.


Happy Birthday sister!!! May God's rich blessings shower upon you. Your cute g-daughter loved that cake! She's adorable. Great looking birthday pic you got, too!!! Boy! You're only 39??? Wish I am still that age. It's hard to be "80"...Yup! You read that right from my interview!!! LOL...Love you sister! Praying still here.



Happy birthday sweet sister! Oh how I wish I could be there for your birthday and take you out someplace to pamper and spoil you! You truly deserve it!

Thank you so much for sharing beautiful pictures of yourself and Rylee!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like a wonderful family celebration you had! :)

Lovin' the new blog look! You probably did it a while ago... I have been bad at my blog visits this past week!

Love & Birthday Hugs,

He & Me + 3


You are beautiful. Happy Birthday 39 and holding! So glad it was a nice day.


Happy birthday, my precious girlfriend. I am praying that the Lord will bless you with lots of heavenly surprises as you celebrate your birthday and may He pour out abundant grace to you in the coming year. Thanks for sharing your celebration with us! Riley is adorable.

I love you,


Happy Birthday My Love !!!!!


Happy Birthday!!! The celebration sounds wonderful. You had just the kind of food I love. How about that husband baking that great cake? Or I should have said, how about that great husband baking that cake? Anyway you say it, it's great!

Proverbs 27:19

Happy Birthday!

Your blog looks great!


Rona's Home Page

I love the look of your blog! Happy Birthday to you!

christy rose

Happy belated birthday Loren! I am sorry that I missed telling you that on your real birthday. It looks like you had a great time and were treated royally by your family. You look beautiful!!!!


Loren, I was just scrolling through your older posts; some I've found that I have read before - which surprised me, apparently I hadn't left a comment then...hmmm...but anyway. I have a busy memory; remembering many things and then not so much - hahaha

I had to comment on this post though. Yes, I did. For one, I didn't realize that we were this close in age (I'll be 38 in March) and you share this birth date with my oldest son (which also happens to be Columbus day and the Canadian Thanksgiving day - although, I'm not sure if both fall on the 12th every of them does...oooops, there goes that busy memory of mine again).

Just had to babble for a minute ;)

Bless you, sister.

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