Monday, October 26, 2009

Manic Monday

It was a nice weekend this weekend. Gorgeous weather on Saturday and yesterday well, it was cloudy but still the temperatures were nice and we still have the windows open and are relishing in this Fall weather.

My daughter wanted to earn some money to purchase an Iphone since her contract was up and she was eligible for an upgrade. So since she was paying we told her she could get one. So she asked her nanny what she could do to earn some money. Only grandma's would come up with something like this! "I know what you can do! I want you to take some pictures ~ some fall foliage shots and then I will mat and frame them!" My daughter loved this and well, she has such an eye. So we all went out as a family and she took some shots for her nanny. She will have to go out again but here a just a couple of shots she got.

She wanted to take a few pics of her Bubba so he got to model for her

Isn't this funny!

On Sunday we cleaned out closets. I held on to summer as long as I possibly could!!! Here is a silly pic of my DH. He was working on the coat closet and asked me if this was his jacket or mine??? LOL What do you think?

and finally today is crazy hair day at my Sons school. We woke up early and we sprayed, and we sprayed, and we sprayed.

Have a Blessed Monday!


Proverbs 27:19

Your husband is sweet to let you take his pic AND post it!

My guess is that it's his coat from elementary school that he just can't bear to part with! LOL




Loren, I loved this post! Your daughter seems to have a talent for photography. See what nannies can bring out in a child? And your hubby has a fun sense of humor; cute photo op.



BEAUTIFUL pictures!

He & Me + 3

Those are great pictures. I love the one of bubba that looks like he is as tall as the trees. Super cool. Love the hair too.


Great tip from granny...Brought out your daughter's talent with photography! Nice shots! Funny with your DH's and son's crazy hair day pics! Thank you for making us smile today! Have a blessed week ahead! God bless you and your family always...


Loren, I love the pictures. What a beautiful family weekend of fun. Yes, we grandmothers can be clever about how we give those adorable grandkids what they want~
Blessings and hugs, andrea



I love those crazy days at school! Our kids favorite is Pajama day! I mean who has to get ready right?

WOW! Love how Jenna gets to do make extra money. Can't let Cait read this or she will get know Loren's mom lets her make money by taking pictures....

See where this will be going? New phone, all kids want new. I just want one that holds a call!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Love all the pictures.


Yep, your daughter is a photographer! Your son and husband are like most males--"clowns". Cute ones. Family fun! I love it.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Great pictures! She is really good.

Love the hubby in the hat and jacket.


Yes, she does have an eye for this! Love the pics; very creative and colorful. Bless your fun loving family. I love it when you write about them!


Thanks for making me smile with these pictures, love you.


I so LOVED the photos!!! Thanks for sharing with us dear one. Blessings.


I smiled through this whole post! Jenna did a great job with the fall pics and the ones of your husband and son are just too funny!!! :)

christy rose

OOOps sorry! That last comment from Rachel was from me. I was logged in under my daughter's account. :)


WOW... her pictures turned out so great!! She is very talented and it is wonderful that she has family encouragement for her talents!

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