Thursday, October 29, 2009

I am being featured at Faithful Bloggers! WOOT WOOT

Daily I pray "May all I do, all I say glorify YOU Lord." I pray this for my kids and our family as a whole. I pray this for my blog as well.

When I found Faithful Bloggers I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of! Two women, Kelly and Courtney started Faithful Bloggers. What is Faithful Blogger you say?

Faithful Bloggers is a community for Christian women bloggers. Our purpose is to provide a common ground where we can encourage one another to use our blogs for the glory of God. While we want to mix and mingle and have fun, our purpose is to help you build a blog that will glorify the Lord while also strengthening your relationship with Him.

They have a place for all I believe, from SAHM to working moms, they have devotionals, health and humor and Lord knows we all need humor! If you have a gift in web design you can sign your blog up here and share with other bloggers. Some blog about adoption and the blessings that brings to their families. If you want to read about reviews there are blogs that will share their reviews with and for you.

As you can see it is a blog with a little something for everyone but most importantly it is a community of BELIEVERS! Can I get an AMEN and a HALLELUAH!!

Well, tomorrow ya'll I am being featured on Faithful Bloggers! I am sooo excited! I am soo humbled and I just want to say THANKYOU to Kelly and to Courtney and I hope tomorrow you all will go visit them, support them, and if you feel led ~ sign up with them so that your blog can reach others and can share Christ, HIS Word, HIS love and we can encourage one another and be encouraged!


Girly Muse

What an honor, Loren! And no one deserves it any more than you. You are a dear person, through and through...such an encouragement to everyone who knows you! Love you!

christy rose

That is so wonderful! I am so excited for you! You definitely blog your faith!! :)


I love Faithful Bloggers and I'm so glad you're being featured. I'll check the interview out Loren.

Hugs to you,


I'm so very proud of you. The faith and love you exude can only bring comfort and encouragement to all those who follow your blog.

All my love,

Beth E.

Congratulations...that is awesome! :-)


Good for you! If anyone is faithful, it is you my dear friend! I'll be checking it out!


Awesome Sweetie! I'll have to check out your post!

Love you.


That is so awesome sister Lorennnn!!!! I know many are always encouraged by you...So, I pray others who don't know you well will visit you and be blessed, the way you blessed us, your followers! God bless you sister and have a great weekend! Love you in Christ.



Too bad you can't see my crazy happy dance for you! Congratulations on this wonderful news. Can't wait to check you out!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

The Not So Perfect Housewife

You go girl!! So happy for you!! Congrats!

The Real Me!

Aww! I'm so glad. I was hoping they would choose you next! I saw your blog on there and you know you're already one of MY favorites!!
Love you


Congrats sweetie, love you.

More Than Conquerors

Hi Loren,

Congrats to you! May God continue to make you and your blog a blessing to many. Take care!

God bless,


Congrats! It is indeed an honour! May your blog continue to be a blessing to all!


Loren, Congratulations. That is so great. I always enjoy your blog. Have a great weekend. Blessings, my friend, Audrey

Kelly from Faithful Bloggers

Hi Loren!

We were so happy to interview you. I love learning about each and every lady's personalities and love for the Lord. It inspires me to keep running that race of faith!

E @ Scottsville

Oh, that's awesome that they're featuring you! I'll have to stop by and check it out!!!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana

That is just wonderful Loren! I am so happy for you - you do have a fabulous blog that honor our precious Lord.


Stopping by via your feature on Faithful Bloggers. Great blog you have going! I look forward to coming back to dig around a bit more and better get to know you! Have a blessed day!

Elizabeth Mahlou

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the information about the FF site.


Hi Loren - just read your interview at Faithful Bloggers. Nice to "meet" you. I really love that site and what Courtney and Kelly are doing for the Christian blogging world.

May your week be blessed!

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