Friday, September 11, 2009

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September 11, 1992

I awoke my husband (somewhat early) and said "Honey, I think my my water JUST broke" He didn't pay me much attention and rolled over and went back to sleep. I thought hmmm, well I guess I will get in the shower and had ALOT of pain in my back. I had never had a baby before so I didn't know that this would prove to be "having contractions" Woke my husband up again and told him what was going on so he started timing the contractions, got ready to go, stopped and got gas and him something to eat. Arriving at the hospital they were able to prepare everything in time and at 6:45 pm that day I was blessed with my baby girl....Jenna Marie. We were surrounded with family....My mom, my stepdad, Krista, my brother, all of my husbands family and soon after she was born my Nana and Aunt and Uncle arrived. It was a glorious day!!! She was the most beautiful thing we had ever sweet. NO ONE COULD TAKE THEIR EYES OFF OF HER! We were all head over heels in LOVE

Nine years go by, It is now September 11, 2001, and we wake up with plans of celebrating Jennas birthday at the ice skating rink later that evening. We were living in a town with the hopes of moving and had purchased land to build a home in a town about 25 min. away and had gone ahead and enrolled Jen in school there. They started school much earlier there so I was on the road much earlier then the owasso moms and stopped by my best friends as I was heading home because I had gotten a call from my husband about the first tower being hit. She is alot like me ....we just don't watch tv so I knew she would have no clue. She was on her way to school as well and said she would call me later. Well of course like everyone~ we can all recall exactly what we did that day, all of the emotions, the fear, the rage, the unbelief! I went to get Jenna and just remember the looks in peoples eyes ~ parents somewhat shielding this from their young ones but looking deep within the hearts of each other and so many hugs, tears and just a coming together. There was such a unity on that day and for many days after. The sky became quiet yet the roads and yards became a sea of RED WHITE AND BLUE.

For years after this Jenna did not want her birthday to be September 11th, and people really didnt help. When she would tell people her birthday was September 11th they would gasp, or say "OH!" or would have some sort of response that was not positive or somewhat freakish. Then one year her daddy had a car wreck and broke his arm and that just about did it.....She was really not liking her bday. But ~ I have reminded her over & over again......Honey it was on this day that more hearts than ever were turned back to the LORD. It was on this day that America united in a way like never before. It was on this day that peoples hearts towards one another became softened, forgiveness went forth....relationships were saved.....Yes, Life as we knew it changed on that day and I pray for our leaders and our nation and as I take my quiet time and remember, praying for those who lost loved ones. Praying for those who are rebuidling their lives even still today ~ my heart goes out to them!

Today is September 11. My daughter is turning 17. She is now a beautiful young woman. She has a heart for the LORD and for HIS people. She is at times a silly little girl and at others an independent woman trying to find her way. She is funny and kind, loyal like no other and as happy as can be. She teaches me everyday so many things ~ she has an inner strength that shines forth in all she does. She loves all people of all kinds and knows that if they are in her path the LORD has sent them and prays she is a light for HIM. Today and everyday it is I that receives the gift....the gift of being Her momma.

Happy Birthday Jenna Marie.....I love you a Bushel and a Peck and hug around the Neck. You are my precious Babygirl.





My heart is heavy today in remembrance of 9/11/01 and I'm thankful to be able to celebrate the LIFE of your daughter with all of you on this day.

Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter. I pray a joyous day for her filled with loads of love and laughter.

Hugs and love.


Happy Birthday, Sweet Jenna. I feel as though I know you. I pray today will be full of blessings.

Remembering those who lost their lives, andrea

The Real Me!

Very beautiful post my friend. I love the way you encouraged her through it all! She is a beautiful young lady! Mine will be 16 Sept. 27!
I can't believe it.
Big hugs to you sweet friend.


Happy Birthday Jenna. I pray you have the best day. A day that is filled with Family,
Love and much Happiness.
Loren, Thank you for sharing this post. She is so blessed to have you as a Momma. Many Blessings,


What a great post Loren! I love how you encouraged her to think of this day, it is her special day. A special day for you too, mom!! Praying that it is full of blessings for both of you.
Love & Blessings,


Happy Birthday to you Jenna. Tragedies happen and blessings happen, on the same day. But those tragedies just make us realize that we are in need of a Savior. And He did come. The Savior Who blessed us with all perfect gifts. You are a perfect gift to your family. I pray the Lord will bless you richly with spiritual blessings you can't imagine. May He protect you and give you discernment as you go to school, or anywhere else. Beautiful post sister and I love those reminders you gave your daughter what Sept. 11 truly means in the hearts of God's children. Have a great weekend. You're in my prayers today. Love you.

Girly Muse

What a lovely girl with a lovely mama. Wishing all of you a wonderful day. Happy birthday, Jenna. :)




What a blessed day this is when you were brought into the world to give your mom and dad such joy that words would never be able to express. Since that day you have touched peoples lives by your thoughts, your inspirations and your friendships. You have forever changed peoples lives just because you were born this day.

SO here is to many many more blessed years on this your Birthday! Happy Birthday Blessings Jenna!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose

What a sweet story! That is sad that she did not want to celebrate her birthday for a long time. She is absolutely beautiful! Happy birthday to her!!!!


That was a beautiful post. Happy birthday to your daughter!

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Happy birthday sweet girl!

What a great story and what a beautiful daughter! Just like her sweet mother.

I am praying so hard for Dad! He is just on my heart all the time. Physically and spiritually.

Love you Loren. You are a huge blessing.

Deborah Ann

I love how all these blogs I'm visiting are paying homage to the memory of our country's worst day in history. I visited Ground Zero last year, I can't begin to explain how it felt to read all the stories and look at the pictures. The Holy Spirit's presence was thick in the room, and it was obvious God is still grieving. We all are.

You're invited to join me:

Sometimes laughter can be good medicine.

Gotta Have Faith


Sorry I did not have a chance to reply on the 11th, but tell your daughter Happy Birthday for me and give her another hug just because! Tell her she should feel proud to have her birthday on that day because it was a day of strength, hope, love, and prayer. It was our Nation truly came together as one.

Take Care and Keep the Faith!


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