Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I MISS you guys soo very much and have been able to read some blogs here and there but it hurts still to type or honestly, I fall asleep LOL

WOW this has been a crazy & oh so painful time. When DH and I were doing PRE-OP we were given a choice to use a block. Basically, what that is ~ they insert a catheter into my neck into the artery and it numbs your right side but most especially your shoulder. It remains for around 3 days if you keep the level around an 8. Dh kept his at a "2" bc he, at times, couldn't feel his face etc. My anesthesiologist said that these blocks are "lifesavers" and before they used them he has seen some of the biggest burliest men have to go to emergency room bc the pain was so excrutiating. Well, because DH had this surgery last Dec. I was familiar with the block so I consented to having it!

Well around 6pm that first night home, after anesthetic wore off, my pain meds were NOT helping w the pain AT ALL and sometime in the middle of the night and into the next morning we realized that the block must not be working on me. I just have to laugh at this point NOT REALLY because seriously I was crying. We had that thing turned up to "12" and nothing was helping so my Dr had to physically go to the Drug store to deliver the prescription, it was too strong to be called in.

It took a long time to get caught up with the pain but finally we are! I am starting the little exersises they give you to do at home and am scared to get in that chair thing that moves my arm but I will :)

The Lord has blessed us soo much~ people bringing food, flowers, prayers and so much love!

Thankyou Everyone ! I love and cherish you all


christy rose

I am glad that the pain is subsiding! I am continuing to pray that you recover miraculously quickly.


Oh Loren, I am so sorry that you struggled so much in the beginning with the pain, but am thankful that it is finally under control and now you can get on about feeling better. I am so glad you popped in. I've missed you! Continued prayers going up for you!


I feel for you Loren. Hurry and get well.
Hugs & Blessings,


SO, so glad to hear you are getting on top of the pain!! Now you can start healing! Wish I were closer to come visit!
Love & Blessings,

Proverbs 27:19

I hope you didn't cause yorself anymore pain by typing this.

Hoping you are pain free soon!


He & Me + 3

OUCH. I am glad that your Doctor got the meds to you right away. Praying you feel 100% soon.



I am so sadden because what you had hoped would work to relieve your pain didn't. You poor thing. I can only imagine how much it hurt for you to cry. Women can take a lot before we get to that point. I am glad that you are in the recovery mode and just wanted to thank you for my pumpkin candle that arrived this weekend. I can't wait for our temps to get much colder so I can light it while reading your blog, drinking coffee and smelling the warm scent of pumpkin and think of you! Good thing you didn't find pine scent because I can only handle so much before it overwhelms me.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


We miss you, too sister Loren. Praying that the pain is much more tolerable now. I don't blame you if you anticipate pain when they start exercising your arm. Praying that the dose of pain killer will help you before that therapy starts. Sending you cyber hugs...Covering you with prayers always. Love you in Christ.


I hope each day brings greater healing with it. I wish I could help you. Love you lots.

Sea Glass

I am so glad that your pain is better and I am looking forward to hearing how your recovery goes. Now I know I am putting mine off for as long as possible

Girly Muse

We miss you too!!!

I am SO sorry for the pain you've been suffering!! That is AWFUL. Makes my heart drop just thinking about it.

Thankful you're feeling better now and praying that it will be smooth sailing from here on out!

Love you.

Rona's Home Page

I hope that you feel better soon.
As a chronic pain sufferer I send you extra encouragement to start those exercises. It's important to keep moving despite the pain.


I know you're hurting right now, but I have a fun project for you. Visit me and I hope you participate when you can! Love you!

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