Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Funnies

Well T.G.I.F :)

Laughter is such good medicine isn't it!!! I always find laughter when I visit KIM at Homesteaders Heart and she hosts Friday Funnies so if you want to laugh go visit her and thank her for hosting this every week!

Let me introduce this video. I received in my email yesterday, an AUDIO of this woman about her and her husband (whom she refers to as LEFT BRAIN) while on a trip to Canada and how they had a 5 hour timeframe to do something fun while waiting to go to the airport. The representative suggested BUNGEE JUMPING. I want you to know I laughed until I cried. I so desperately wanted to share this with all of you for my Friday Funny but have not been able to figure out how to transport it onto my post since it is just an audio. So I researched this funny woman on youtube. She is a 6'2" beautiful North Carolina Beauty Queen. The audio I received is not on youtube but she does have a few videos and they are all funny! This is one I found and hope you enjoy her story on Golf Christening and may all of you have a Fabulous Friday!

Love and Blessings



She is a blast! You know how to make us laugh, kiddo!


She's so funny....and in a clean way :) Thank you for sharing this...

I was just thinking about you this morning and lifted you up in prayers for your shoulder. And for your dad. May you have a wonderful weekend and post-op, remember this woman you just shared...Okay? Love you in Christ.

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Bungee Jumping?? No way... never...

Praying for dad today sweet one. THere have been several prayer requests today. One came afer you had been on the "At His Feet" blog. Pray for Kori - she is the one who lost her husband about a month ago and just found out her dad died in his home - alone - of an apparant heart attack. Please pray for her - I know you are a prayer warrior!


Excellent choice. Thanks for the grins.

Kathy C.

Oh she's so funny! :) Someone posted another clip about her one week,...something about grocery shopping, it was hilarious too! :)
Thanks for the added giggle to my day!


Oh, I love to laugh! I agree it is good for you. I can't watch your funny video right now...but I will most certainly be back! In my best Arnold Swartzenager voice (which isn't very good) I say "I'll be back." Hahaha!

Thanks for the wonderful comment you left on my blog! I am so glad we are friends, you make me smile :)

Gotta Have Faith


I have a mission for you. I know that your father is fighting right now and I know how much you want him to find the Lord before anything happens so I am tagging you with this.

I was tagged today to send out a prayer chain, so I am tagging you to to see if you wanted to include some people who need prayer in your life.

Please visit my Blog for more details and click on Luvin This life on my page to read her Prayer chain request!

Hope you join in on the prayers!



Thanks for the laugh! And I see you figured out how to add me to your blog roll. I am honored to be there! And I read you daily (as often as you post as well) and am in the process of updating my blog roll. Continued prayers going up for your dad and you! Blessings friend!

The Real Me!

You would think with me being 5'12" tall I would have heard of her. LOL. She's funny. It gives me hope! LOL
Have a great weekend my friend.

Under the Florida Sun

Oh how cute is that!!
And with the southern's even better!!
Thanks for the good giggle!


:D Love it! :D

Girly Muse

HILARIOUS!!! That is so cute. She's a doll!

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