Tuesday, August 25, 2009


First, I must say thankyou for to outpouring of love and prayers.

My Dad was admitted into ICU @ the Mayo Clinic, early last evening because as the day progressed he felt worse and put up no fight whatsoever to go to the emergency room. Upon arriving he was in severe pain, very labored breathing and moaning and nauseous. They took his pulse which was 120 (wayyyy too high) and his oxygen saturation was only 86 (wayyy too low). So they immediately put him on oxygen and began iv fluids, and then started running tests.

Here is what I know so far.....

A CT scan revealed:
He is in serious condition due to 2 very large blood clots in his lungs (pulmonary embolism) At the present time the only thing they can do is administer medication so that they (clots) will dissolve. The possiblities of them traveling to the heart and erupting are what puts him in serious condition and causing great concern. The doctors this morning will discuss the possiblity of them doing a procedure to put an umbrella in his legs to prevent further clots which apperently is common once these start to form. The doctor just notified my stepmom that his clot is exceptionally large and may not dissolve and may leave a scar but I am not sure what all of this means but they are doing a sonogram on his legs to see if they will put the umbrella in his stomach or the legs. I hope I am not confusing you, I am just sharing as I get information in. She also shared that my Dad may not come off of the oxygen again. All of this is breaking my heart. My mind goes to Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will fight for you, you need only be still."

I am asking for believing Doctors and that they would seek the Lord for what to do for my Dad. I am asking for nurses who know the Great Physician and Jesus as their Savior and would share Him and HIS love with my Dad and Barbie. (Nurses like Rosel and Micey.) I am praying for this exceptionally large clot to dissipate without scar tissue and that there would be no need for oxygen. Wisdom to all and healing to go forth. Salvation.

My Dad is still being strong and fighting this with amazing strength. He is so precious.

The good part is that my dad is receiving fluids and pain meds through the IV along with nutrition so he is feeling better and sleeping which is a gift at this point.

Will continue to update as I know more...thankyou all for your continued prayers


shelbi moseby

Sweet Loren I'm praying for you this morning. Shelbi


Praying for your dad, Barbie and for you.


So sorry to hear about your dad. I just uttered a prayer for him and the Lord knows what's best for your dad.

May you be comforted by His promise of love and faithfulness. I pray that in all of these troubles, the Lord is in the middle of it all. He is in control...always...God bless and love to you sister Loren.

T. Anne

I pray comfort and rest for your precious father.

Proverbs 27:19

Prayer sent up for a believing staff over your dad's medical care.


christy rose

Just lifted a prayer for your dad and I am expecting to hear a good report soon. Every sickness must bow to the authority and name of Jesus!


Praying for your dad, you and the family. The Lord will be your strength. Praying that our Heavenly Father will grant much wisdom and discernment to the doctors, and yes, that this clot will dissipate without incident.



I know how much this is putting a strain on you being with your kids and hubby while your father is in the hospital. I am confident that this is not only necessary because your dad wasn't eating at home. You are right, at least they can provide the health care he needs right now.

I am praying for God to provide spiritual care for you dad as well with His hands on the nurses and doctors that care for your dad. I am praying that God is doing what is best for your dad at this time and praying that all will work out for those that love the Lord and remain faithful to Him.

"It is better to trust in the Lord than to depend on people." Psalm 118:8

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Sea Glass

Know that I am aching for you. Hopefully the doctors and nurses are praying Christians. When my father was ill the doctors even prayed with us. You might consider one more sentence to your prayers like I did and still do: "Lord, help me live with the answers you give to our prayers." Love and prayers. Donna

Warren Baldwin

My dad is just coming out of a serious bout with a blood clot in his groin - a deep vein thrombosis they call it. The biggest thing - encourage your dad to be patient, patient, patient and not rush the treatment and recovery. My dad did with a previous clot and it made his condition worse. Now, he does everything (nearly, anyway) the doctor tells him. We'll pray for your dad.


Girly Muse

Oh, Loren. I am so sad to hear about this...will be praying for all of you more than ever.

I feel to tell you that God wants everyone to be saved. It might not be in a way that is seen by you or anyone else, but God will find a way into your Dad's heart, no matter what. I truly believe that. Your dad is so open right now, I believe he will find his way to God. In Jesus' Name.

Love you!

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