Saturday, August 15, 2009

Spiritual Sundays

I am reading Hearing Jesus Speak into your Sorrow by Nancy Guthrie. This is from the chapter Hear Jesus Speak of His healing for YOU.

I am Jehovah=Rophi, the Lord who heals. Healing is not just something that I do; it is my very nature, reflected in my name. I am the source and sustainer of life itself. So in your sickness, look to me. I want to heal you.

And I mean really heal you-not just heal your body in a temporary way, but heal your spirit, soul and body in a pervasive and permanent way. I want to bring you to the place of complete wholeness I created you for. My healing work has already begun in your life--it began when I first drew you to myself. The deeper you go in me and the longer you abide in me, the more healing you will experience.

It is my healing touch that soothes your ailing body, your aching heart, your troubled mind, and your weary soul. It is my touch that heals you from the self-absorption that consumes you, the apathy toward me that depletes you, the lust that brings you shame and regret, the materialism that leaves you unsatisfied, the unforgiveness that isolates you from others- all the sin that has made your soul so sick.

I know it is never comfortable when my Spirit shows you the areas of your life the are offensive to me. I'm not trying to hurt you by calling attention to your sin; I'm helping you. Won't you let me love you in this way? Just turn toward me and begin to confess those sins rather than ignoring them or trying to hide them. I wont turn away from you. I will cleanse you.

This repentance Im calling you to is not a one time things. Im asking you to make it your way of life. As you live in brokenness before me, I will continue to show you the things in your life that keep you from closer fellowship with me--not to condemn you or discourage you, but to draw you into the full and free life I have for you.

On the cross I dealt decisively with your deepest and most destructive disease, and even now you are being healed by my wounds. There I destroyed the power of sin to rule your life and determine your destiny.

I am not unmoved by the pain in your life. As you lay it before me and invite me into it, you will find me moving toward you bringing you peace.

adapted from Exodus 15:26, Acts 17:25, Heb 1:3, Rom 6:13, John 15:4 NKJV Luke 6:19, Luke 5:31-32 Mathew 13:15, 1 JOHN 1:9, Eph 5:26 Phil 1:6 John 16:8 Col 3:5 1 Pet 2:24

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Thanks for dropping by earlier. Really appreciate your encouragement and prayers and friendship...

The "Homeless" Who is longing to reside in everyone's homes [hearts]. Thanks for sharing this great post!Happy Sunday! Hope and pray that all is well. Praying that your dad is feeling better from those nasty side effects. God bless you sister! Love you in Christ.


We're both quoting from Nancy Guthrie today. Don't you just love the way she makes these scriptures so meaningful? Thanks for sharing.

Sea Glass

Thank you Loren, I needed this tonight. Blessings Donna


Praise God for the healing that continues on and on as we relate to Him daily! I love that! Thank you for your friendship, Loren, and all the love you lavish on us in blogland.

Blessings, sweet one!


Beautiful, thank you.

God bless you Anne


Bless you dear one.


Thank you for sharing this passage from your book.


This is so beautiful. I feel such a strong linking of prayer today. These words uplift and comfort.

Blessings, Karen


Praising GOD for the healing He is doing in each of us. Blessings, hugs, and prayers, andrea

enchanting cottage

This sounds like a book I would be interested in reading. To have such peace what a blessing.


I love this dear lady and her excellent, helpful book. Thanks for posting this today.

Ashley ~

This is my first time to your blog. Love it*! I'll be back*!!! Have A Blessed Sunday*!


Beautiful sharing!!!!

Love this: "Healing is not just something that I do; it is my very nature, reflected in my name. I am the source and sustainer of life itself."

Bless you Loren in your encouraging heart.

christy rose

I agree with Lisa! That was my favorite part too! Healing is God's nature! This was an awesome Spiritual Sunday post Loren! Exceptional!

hip chick

Beautiful and moving words.


What a beautiful post!! There is a little surprise for you on the (in)courage site... you lucky girl you!

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