Thursday, August 6, 2009

an award

Isn't this award pretty!!

I received this award from my precious friend Kat at Heart2Heart. The Lord knows "JUST WHO and/or WHAT" we need in our lives and He brought Kat into my life at a time when encouragement, reflection and joy were soo necessary. Kat is a wonderful woman of God and an amazing mother and wife. She is soo very creative and fun and really inspires me to do more of that with my kids and even here is blogging she makes posting fun and encourages us to do the same! If you don't know Kat please go meet her and you will definately see what I am talking about. As you read this please send up a prayer for her if you would, she has been in bed due to cracking her tailbone because she was out rollerskating with her kids and fell. She is on the mend but is still in quite a bit of pain so lay her at the feet of Jesus and ask the Great Physician to heal her wounds!!

This award is given to those who LOVE blogging, and who also encourage friendships through blogging and who help others seek the reasons why we all love blogging. As Kat said these awards are soo hard to choose because we all LOVE blogging and everyone is so encouraging! I am passing this blog to my precious friends at

1. Beth at an Instrument 4 His Glory~ Beth has 2 blogs.....One of her life and family and the other for prayer requests only. She is a wonderful woman of God and truly a vessel for the LORD! I have come to adore her and her heart for her family and friends that she shares with us to pray for. She is a woman after Gods own heart and He is glorified in both of her blogs!

2. Jennifer at Studio JRU. I have mentioned Jennifer many times but if you haven't visited her before NOW is the time! Jennifer has been given an opportunity from the Lord to work with Dayspring, the Christian division of Hallmark. On Monday they will be launching a new website called (in)courage that I know you will all want to follow. Jennifer is an amazing artist and her work glorifies the Lord in so many ways! So please visit her and also see her work. There is a link that will connect you to her studio at Artfire and this new website will reveal her NEW work on Monday, that she has been doing exclusively for Dayspring! I cannot wait!

3. Christy at the Secret Life of an American Wife and Mom. Christy and I seem to be so much alike! I have this feeling if there is a blogger out there that I will have the blessing of meeting face to face Christy will be the first! I can just see us now with our coffee in hand, talking and sharing about the Lord, the deep things in growing in HIM, and our families! She has an amazing "teaching" gift and I learn so much from her!

4. Lori at Girly Muse Oh how I love Lori! She encourages me and makes me laugh! She is one of those talented and gifted people who can sing, create anything from nothing and it looks sooo COOL......everything I am NOT! She loves the Lord and loves to sing praises unto HIM and serves HIM in so many ways. Lori makes me think, to dig deep and I love that about her! She has a beautiful family and shares them with us, even her mom and grandparents are sooo awesome!

5. Warren at Family Fountain I met Warren in my early days of blogging. His blog will challenge you, teach you, inspire you and definately cause you to ponder! He ALWAYS leaves encouraging comments and he is one I am thankful to call friend!

6.last but CERTAINLY not least is Charlotte at Charlotte's Weblog
Charlotte hosts Spiritual Sundays along with Ginger and has a precious husband and fellow blogger named Clif. These are two of my favorite friends. From the minute I found Charlotte and Clif I fell in love with them, and so did my kids! They say all the time...."I just want to hug them mom!" I agree completely! Charlotte encourages me with her comments and friendship everytime here or on Facebook!

Honestly, I could give this award to everyone I blog with! I think each and everyone of us blogs for JESUS and pray that our words are HIS words. We also know that it is HIM that connects us to one another. None of us come to meet one another out of chance! I love you all and each of you have been such a gift to me, sincerely!


Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Loren - you just thrilled me and delighted me here today! Thank you so much for honoring me this way. I only desire to bring Glory to my sweet Savior and Lord. Continue to pray for me that I will listen to Him and only go where He wants me to go.


Loren... you are such a sweet friend! Thank you for all the kind words you said about me. I am so excited and it means a lot to have a friend who is excited with me! If you didn't see it... there is a peak of a few of the pieces I did on the side of my blog! (the pieces sitting on the white chair) ;)



Warren Baldwin

Thank you Loren, this is very nice! I remember when we first met via the blogs and I have enjoyed your articles every since. I esp appreciate your encouraging comments.

BTW, one of my daughters is in Florida now visiting her grandparents.



I am sitting here wiping away tears for so many reasons, for the heartfelt love you have shared with me not only in the blogging world but offline through emails as well. If I could I would reach over and just hug you so tight right now and tell you what an amazing friend you are to me.

You so deserve this award and I just can't wait to continue to watch and see just what God does in your life. You are an amazing beautiful soul!

It is hard to just pick a handful of blogs to pass this along to huh? You feel like somewhere out there you are leaving someone out. I take heart that God will guide each hand this passes through to eventually get to everyone we know and love.

Awards are a lot like blogging thank you cards! They remind you that you are doing this for the right reasons. I have already met Beth, Warren and Christy and will hop on over to the other two you mention and congratulate them as well.

Hope you are in the midst of getting ready to pack up and head back to your loving hubby. I simply love all the pictures he has been posting. Great photographer!

Here's to God using this award to continue to reach out and bless each person it touches in some unique way to spur them on.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

christy rose

Wow! Loren! Thanks for the sweet comments! I think you are so right. I think we will meet some day and I can not wait. I do make it down to your neck of the woods a little. It could be very possible. I pray so. Thanks for the award. I appreciate it so much and i will pass it along. You are a great blogging friend. I am so glad that I have gotten the privilege to know you.


It is a beautiful award. Congratulations to you and to those deserving bloggers as well. God bless and may many more blessings continue to rain down on you. Love to you sister!


Hi Loren- I came to visit by way of Warren Baldwin after he mentioned you in his post today. And as I read this post, I was excited to learn that you know Charlotte too. I only recently met her at our AZ blogger lunch at Gooseberries. I wrote about it on Heart Choices. I live in Phoenix. I always enjoy getting to meet new blogging friends. Debbie


Congrats sis on your award! I think Kat is great too!


Wow Loren. You certainly deserve this award and it is so sweet of you to pass it on to me. Thank you so much for the award and the kind words. I enjoy being your friend both here and on facebook.
Hugs and blessings,

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