Wednesday, August 19, 2009

1st day of School

I truly can't believe it......summer is gone and school has begun.

Jenna is a Junior this year. She was up and ready to go EARLY. A big group of friends met for donuts so when I asked for the traditional "first day picture" she was rushing me to say the least ;)

Notice, she has her back pack on, IPOD in one ear, keys are in her hand along with her Training clothes so she is prepared for the day.

Jantzen is in the 6th grade. This is the first year that all of the elementaries (total of 8) come together and go the 6th grade center. It will be quite a change and he definately had those 1st day butterflies.

I am so anxious to hear how their day went!



That is a super-cool pic of Jenna!! And, Jantz got a haircut??? :) Just kidding. He's adorable as always. I hope he wasn't too nervous for 6th grade. Kyndal and I were reminiscing about the 6th grade nerves this morning.

Coffee tomorrow at The Pecan Porch at 1:00 ???



You know just looking at Jenna her and Caitlyn would be bestest BFF's if only we lived closer to each other.

Scary isn't it how it all goes by so fast! Yikes and here is another chapter in your life.

So just what do you do when you are sitting at home all alone when the kids are in school?? Ours begin next week, but I still have Kailee at home with me during the day, but she will be up skating Tuesdays - Thursdays for her skate club from 2-6pm. So I am hoping for a 4 hour window of quiet and sanity.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Our kids are growing up faster than we can imagine. Thank God we're staying young ;)
[in our hearts, I guess :)]..

They're beautiful and may God guide them and protect them wherever they go. Blessings to you. Love you in Christ.

I get done early with my chores as my son's classes start early but gets done early in the afternoon. I love it though because I have so much time to reflect and see Him...Glory to God!

Praying and hoping that your dad is able to eat God's grace...Have a great day.


These are my grandchildren!! Oh.....I can't believe they are embarking on yet another year of school. I'm so proud of them and their mom & dad and for the beautiful family they are both inside & out!!!

Nanny XXOO

Rona's Home Page

Don't you just love the first day of school?
Our son, used to always have his headphones in his ears.
We even had his figurine have a Zune in his hand and headphones in his ears.

T. Anne

I'm glad you were organized enough to get nice pictures. One day I'll get there lol. Thank you for sharing!

Steph T.

Great pics! Good looking kids there Loren! Can't believe summer is over either! My Oh My!!


Jenna is beautiful and Jantzen is quite handsome. I pray they had a wonderful day.
Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. I love you, too.

Together We Save

Great pics your daughter reminds me of mine. She is 17 also, keys in had, basketball clothes in tow ready to school.

The Real Me!

It's kind of nerve wracking for you isn't it? I'm sure all went well. And if it didn't I'm sure we'll hear about it! LOL
They are just to precious!

Under the Florida Sun

Aww. What great pictures. Your kids are beautiful and handsome!! :-)

christy rose

Great pictures Loren. You have beautiful kids!

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