Wednesday, July 22, 2009

transport me Lord

Taking Spiritual Authority today was such an amazing thing to experience! I told you earlier about all of the things that lay heavy on my heart but also explained how I was speaking the Word over the situations all day. I would like to share what happened yesterday with my dad.

We had just finished his radiation treatment and were driving home together. We opted to stop at the local Publix and grab a frozen pizza for dinner since my stepmom was going to attend an AA meeting and it would just be the two of us. As we are walking into the store I was just reveling at how I love these particular evenings....just me and dad, no big meal.....just a a frozen pizza and being together. Well as we stepped up onto the sidewalk almost to enter the store,he sways away from me and says "Loren, Woah I am feeling lightheaded" grabs the pole and the next thing I know he is face down on the cement. His face is actually in a sticky bush and he made a horrible groaning noise as he went down. I was in complete shock and fear. I was trying to help him up and especially get his face out of the sticky bush but was unable to lift his body. It was just dead weight. My dad was unable to help himself up, he had no control over his muscles whatsoever but was at least conscious. It took a bit for us to get him to where he could sit up and then a bit longer before he could stand up. When he did he kept saying his arm had gone numb. He was completely pale in color and at this point insisted we continue to do our shopping!!!! I was so upset at what had happened but couldn't believe he wanted to go in the store and shop! I stuck to him like glue and prayed all the way through the store. When we walked out he handed me the keys and asked me to drive. I asked him what he thought had happend. He said he didn't know but that his right arm had gone numb. I said, "Dad that wasn't just your arm it was your whole body." He knew I was right, and I said we have to call the emergency # when we get home.

Years back I had a friend who had cancer and towards the end of some of her chemo/radiation treatments she started falling and it wasn't long after that that we lost her. This was my first thought when Dad fell.....this was the first attack of fear.

The second attack of fear was when we found out that my dad had 3 spots on his brain & that the cancer had spread my Dad had shared with me that we had an uncle in the family who was diagnosed with lung cancer and then it spread to the brain and within 2 months he was gone. These 2 things went over and over in my mind. I also continued to have the picture of my dad falling and that horrible moaning play over and over in my mind and I would just break down in tears and then pray and surrender this to the Lord.

Upon returning home, we called the doctor and dad explained what had happened.....she said it is dehydration and that he has to start drinking water .....LOTS OF IT! my dad used to drink starbucks obsessively when he received his diagnosis he stopped immmediately, Now he drinks tea, unsweetened but still it is dehydrating him. So he accepted this and began drinking water immediately. Later in the evening I asked if he would please make an appt with his radiology doctor to tell her about this episode which upset him but he did it and today we saw her and she agreed. Dehydration. I am praying this is true. I am praying there is nothing else going on in his brain and truly it was nothing more than just a lack of water.

He is back to himself, praise you LORD!

While in the dr appt. today at mayo my daughter was having her 4 wisdom teeth pulled, She had called on the way there and I was able to pray over her on the phone and I could hear in her voice how badly she wished I was there. My son called me when the procedure was over and was so upset and seeing his sister like that and bless his heart he was being so strong, I don't understand why they allowed her to come out still bleeding. My husband sent me a pic of her and it is pitiful. When they got home my son asked me to Skype them and as soon as my daughter saw my face on the computer she started crying and so did I. When we get to heaven we will not have pain, nor sorrow, no tears! I wished at that moment the Lord could put me in my house so that I could wrap my arms around my precious daughter but I know the Lord has her in HIS. My husband and son are loving and caring for her and she had some friends show up and bring her a malt and brighten her night.

I know the Lord does not give us more than we can handle and this too I prayed and thanked HIM for today. All 3 patients are home doing well. Mom is recovering nicely, my dad is soo much better today and my daughter is doing better by the hour. God is Faithful. He was with all of us! He provided peace, strength, Power and provision! I praise HIM tonight for He is worthy to be praised!

I am going to ask you all something. Jesus is the LIVING WATER. No one comes to the Father except through HIM. My dad knows God but he doesn't know Jesus as his Lord and Saviour. Please in praying for him pray for salvation. This is the most important thing my dad needs Thankyou!



Warren Baldwin

What a story. I know your heart must be so heavy. We will certainly be praying for your dad's health, for him to know Jesus, and for your strength. God bless.


T. Anne

Praying for your dad to know our precious Jesus!


I felt the heaviness, your fear as I read about your dad's incident. There are times when we wish we can be at two places at one time. Jesus promised that His yoke is light. We must remain trusting in Him. I pray for your dad's salvation. That's what matters the most! May the Lord give you the boldness sister to share the Good News with him. Praying that your daughter is healed at this hour and be comforted by the Lord. Take care of yourself sister. My prayers are with you always. Love and blessings to you.


Sweet & Precious Lauren,

My heart is with you and my prayers are fervently being said for your dad, you and your entire family and friends. There are so many trials going on within our lives and around us, but we are remaining ever so close to our Almighty Father who never gives us more than we can handle. He is our source of strength.

Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior died on the cross for our sins, our iniquities and our transgressions and by His stripes we are all healed in His precious name. Because of that, we ask for Divine Intervention and Miracles to occur. We will continue to claim victory over any darkness that has penetrated itself into our lives for we have been set free by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So I pray and claim Victory and Miraculous healing within your father's life, within his body, for the manifestation of total miraculous healing to occur this very night and that whatever cancer or physical maladies that have been residing within his body, BE GONE NOW IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. BE GONE CANCER TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY FROM DOUG. BE GONE WE COMMAND ALONG WITH OUR LORD AND SAVIOR IN THE NAME OF OUR SWEET JESUS. WE SAY YES, YES, YES AND AMEN.

Thank you Father. Thank you Jesus for the healing that is being manifested throughout Doug's body as we speak and pray together this night. We have strong faith and believe nothing less than that, if that is your will in Jesus precious name. Amen. All praise, honor and glory is yours Almighty Father forever and ever more.

I love you Lauren. I will believe in nothing less than miracles for your dad. If that is God's will, then it will be done!

Sleep peacefully this night precious sister in Jesus name. Amen.

Love, Peace, Blessings, Big Hugs & Prayers,

The Real Me!

Oh my sweet precious friend. Valleys are no fun to be in and you are smack dab in the middle of one. I wish I could help you! I am praying and I wasn't sure about your Dad's salvation so "just in case" I had been praying for that as well. I can't imagine how fearful you are. I love that you know the Lord is with you and in control. Just keep leaning on HIM and not our own understanding! He will give you the strength you need to get through this. I have gone through things where I thought there was no end but it does indeed end at some point.
Love you my friend and feel free to send me a line anytime you need to talk!!
HUGS and Prayers to you!


WOW...what a day! I am praying for your father's salvation and I am also praying for GOD to reign down peace, love, and comfort on your heart!
Blessings, Andrea

Girly Muse

Praying right now, my sweet friend.

christy rose

Gasp about your dad's fall and getting him through that episode. I can not even imagine what you must have been going through! And I cried as I read what you wrote about your daughter seeing you on the computer and both of you breaking down in tears. Sympathy and compassion are just flowing from me to you right now. I am praying for His strength to raise you up and empower you through all of this. And Lifting your dad up in prayer as well. Trust and know that God has promised you for all of your family to be saved Loren. God is faithful to His promises.
Love, Christy

Beth.. One Blessed Nana

Loren - I just wanted you to know that I have placed your dad's prayer button on my prayer blog. I have 2 blogs and one is dedicated strictly to prayer request. I linked your blog here - hope that is OK, if not just let me know.

I am praying for you sweet one. I lost my daddy years ago and know the uncertainty you are going through. Keep your eyes focused on Him, your face lifted toward heaven and drink in His tender mercy.


Wow, ditto-what a day/story! I will be praying for you and your family today. I know all that you all are going through is a lot, and I will pray for God's health and strength through it! I will also pray for your dad's salvation. (I have seen God work miracles in my dad and mom's heart and they came to know him within the last few years, praise GOD!!!)
Love and blessings, Laurie



Oh how my heart is going out to you, being pulled in two directions at the same time. I love that you are such a loving mom and daughter to all these people that have personal needs requiring your attention! I am praying for strength for you and protection from the enemy as you continue to care for you dad and help your daughter from a far!

I am there with you putting my arms around you and just giving you a big hug!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat



Can I highlight your blog next week in my new blog highlight post? I tried to find an email address for you but couldn't locate it so I thought I would post it here. Perhaps it would generate more prayers for your dad! Let me know!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


When I came to my computer this evening I started smiling immediately when I saw your name five times. You have a nervous "trigger" finger tonight. LOL Your comment came through five times. Please know that we are continuing to pray for you and your family.


I can imagine how you felt yesterday. Your plate was, indeed, full. The thing I keep encouraging myself in my own spiritual battle right now is that I am learning to rule and reign with Him. God is preparing His Bride and what's hard for me is standing firm on the Word when chaos is happening, especially to ones I love the most.

I keep thinking of the Hebrew meaning of Shalom, how it means perfect and complete and nothing is broken or missing. That is my prayer for Doug and I pray it every day.

I love you, sweetie!


Your family has certainly gone through a lot. I'm glad the diagnosis for your Dad was dehydration. How scary that was.
It's nice to see you over on facebook.
Thank you for the nice comments you made on my post about the AZ bloggers meeting. I've posted my Pink Saturday on Charlotte's Weblog just now. Of course it's pictures taken at Gooseberries.
Have a good weekend.

I see Clif made a comment about your comment on his blog coming through 5 times. I showed him how to delete four of them. Then we thought now if you come back over and look at it and there is only one comment you will wonder what he was talking about. LOL

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