Monday, July 6, 2009

Tough Day

Today has proven to be a tough day all the way around.

We met with Oncologist and she was going over Dads treatment options and continued making the statment...."we want to do what will give you the most time" with the options being chemo only, radiation only or doing them together with this option being the hardest on my dad. After agreeing to the most aggressive of the 3, my step-mom asked how much time she thought we were talking about. This question hasn't been asked up to this point and it has been hard to hear and harder to deal with in my heart.

She said most likely 1 to 2 years but probably no more than 3 to 4.

The first thing my Dad says to me in the car afterward was that the time statistics mean nothing to him and that he will be in the 10% that make it longer. My dad has amazed me and his positive, fighting spirit will prove to be something I admire no matter what! He knows this will be difficult, He knows there is no known cure but hopes that will soon change, He knows that each day is a gift. He is fighting and researching, hoping and trusting too.

I am struggling, hurting, but I know the Lord is the ONE in control, He is bigger than any statistic and HE is the Great Physician. He loves and cares for my Dad more than anyone..... I trust in HIM, in HIS WILL, and know HE will carry me, my dad and all of us during the days ahead no matter the outcome. I am so thankful to have this time here with my dad and for now....this is where I will remain.


Steph T.

The song...Trust and obey...for there is no other be happy in Jesus...we must Trust and old hymn...that still speaks truth. Love you girl!

enchanting cottage

I will pray for your dad, and your family.
God Bless,

Warren Baldwin

There simply aren't words to say. Your dad and all your family will be in our prayers. You are right about God being in control, and we will appeal to him. God bless.


I prayed before posting my comment. I want to share a song I had composed long ago. But sometimes, nothing will make our sadness or worries feel better being humans; but just to be quiet and listen sometimes is even the best. The Lord directed me to this verse sister Loren and that's all He wanted me to post for you:

Exodus 33:14 -"I will give you rest - everything will be fine for you."

Love and blessings to you.

The Real Me!

I have to admit that that would be really hard to hear. But I think I'm guilty of just thinking that my Dad is going to live forever so for me that would put things in perspective and really force me to cherish each and every moment with him. Your Dad is such a trooper. I love his positive attitude. And you are right, The Lord is the GREAT physician.
Big hugs


I love your dad's first comments after he heard their "stats"... they mean nothing! That is so true... we don't believe in listening to things like that. Nobody can say when it will be your time to go home, only God knows that. We have had many family members 'blow away' their so called "stats"! So glad your dad has a positive & fighting spirit, God bless him!!
Love & Blessings,


Having a medical background, I will share with is proven that attitude is KEY. Praise GOD, He has given your Dad and wonderful, positive background.
Sending prayers, andrea


Cancer is an ugly word and one that we all fear. I'm glad to hear that your father knows the Lord. God will be with him through the dark days.

The Surrendered Scribe

Your dad has a great outlook. I wish I could remember the book I read but the sentence was something like don't let the diagnosis be the final word, let God have the say. So thankful your dad is doing this.

Praying for you all.

Kathy C.

Loren, you said it all, He will carry you all through the days ahead no matter the outcome. God is gracious and amazing and He has obviously given your Dad a fighters spirit. I'll be praying for your family.
In Christ,
Kathy C.

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