Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off to get my honey :)

Headed to the airport to get my Husband! Can't wait to see him!

Dad had a really good day! The steroids really seem to be helping and definately giving him energy! His mood is so very positive!!

Thanks for your prayers ~ The Lord is touching him daily!!!

I love you alllllll!



So glad that your hubby is arriving to see you all today! I just prayed for the Lord to protect you as you go to the airport and the whole time you're there with your dad.

I love to mow the lawn, too sister but lately haven't been when my neck was achy sometimes. Thank you for your prayers, too and the verse that the Lord showed you was one of my favorites from the book of Isaiah.

To that I will respond in prayer :"Then I heard the Lord asking,'Whom should I send as a messenger to my people? Who will go for us?'
'And I said, 'Lord,I'll go! Send me." -Isa.6:8

Thanks be to God for His blessings of healing to your dad, strength and everything. To Him be the glory forever! Love you sister Loren in Christ's Name! Happy Independence Day! Let us remember the best independence we all share- the freedom that comes from knowing Christ!


So glad to hear your dad is so positive... that's great!! WOOHOO... hubby's in town... yeah!!!


AWESOME....Sending continued prayers, andrea

christy rose

Have fun with your hubby! Glad to hear your dad is getting energy. That makes a huge difference in a person's mood. Have fun this week!


Things are going well for you and yours today, and it's good to hear it.

Warren Baldwin

Congratulatins on your recent awards, and thank you for sharing one with me. I am honored by some of the awards some of you great bloggers have shared with me. I have it on my blog finally, with an explanation of why I am so far behind. I hope a few people will link over here!


Hi, Loren:
What a good report about your dad! Praise the Lord! I'm so glad your hubby is there. Talk about refreshment!

Thank you for your prayers for me. Means everythng!

Love you,

Girly Muse

Woohoo! So glad your Honey is there with you now. And thanking GOD that your dad is getting some relief and feeling better. I'm so glad to hear that!


Dearest Loren,

Have a very blessed time with your husband. I'm happy that he is coming to be with you and your family.

I want you to know that I have read down through your postings this morning. I am truly touched and deeply inspired by you and your dad's words as well. Despite what he and your family are going through right now with his illness, God is your focus, is your strong tower, is the lamp always under your feet, is absolutely everything to each one of you. I am encouraged by all of you and want you to know that my fervent prayers are being said for your dad and your family as you go through this together. We must always believe in His mighty miracles, always have hope and never cease believing that the impossible can be made possible all through the healing blood of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, as that is what I am believing for my husband at all times and for my own helth issues as well.

I love you sweet friend. Thank you for your strong prayer support for us. God is only but a breath away from us, He's right there, face-to-face with us every single moment...close enough to lean our cheek into His as we stand ever so strongly on His Word and Promises. He hears our mind, soul and heart whispers and prayers.

Peace, Blessings, Love, Prayers & Hugs,

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