Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window... The sun is shining, my flowers are so beautiful! My husband did such a great job keeping them alive while I was away :) Thanks honey!

I am thinking... how sooo many people have really tough battles going on right now and how God is helping each and everyone of them! Thankyou Lord!

I am thankful for... sooo very much! The Lord, his rest, comfort and refreshing! My family and friends ~ here at home and my bloggy ones :)

From the kitchen... not cooking alot this week but tonight we are headed to my stepdaugthers house for dinner!!! thanks Krista!!

I am wearing... my pajama bottoms and top taking it easy still summer :)

I am reading...My husband surprised me with a Kindle2 so I have downloaded some new books to begin reading when I fly back to Florida.....Thankyou Honey!!!

I am hoping... to see my friends while I am home! to get everything done while I am here and that all goes well with my dad as he begins treatment tomorrow

I am praying... for Alleluiabelle and Ron, Mary, my DAD, my son who is struggling with me going back to Florida, some friends here who have had some serious physical situations ~ One lost his left eye in a firework incident and the other found out she has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. She is in her 40's and has two sons! Matt and Steph who are camping with their friends but their truck broke down, but they are seeing the best in the situation and asking the Lord to show them what HE wants them to see

Around the house... lots of family time this week....I LOVE IT! I am so very blessed

One of my favorite things...experience the Lords love at a whole new level! Last night we were talking and sharing with my daughter and her friend Tyler. At the end of the discussion we were praying over and for them and as I was praying I was thanking the Lord for being with us especially "in the Fire" and I just felt HIM wash over me and the Holy Spirit was ministering so strongly! Thankyou Father!

A few plans for the rest of the week... I am getting my hair done (cut and color) wahoooo! and a massage! my mom is coming to spend the night :) and will be doing her hair on Friday! Just being together as a so very precious

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you.

Dad's hair started falling out just after I left. I had cut it before and we were surprised that it hadn't since they told us it would. But he said that if it did he would just shave it off and so.....he did. He also lost a bit of his sideburns so he opted for the goatee (sp?) I think he looks so cute and can't wait to kiss his little bald head!

Love and Blessings



Oh, how I love to stay in my pj's! Sounds like a wonderful week at home, but much to pray about. I am also surrounded by prayer requests. I feel as though we are bombarded with them. It seems to be tough right now for so many people.
Blessings and prayers, andrea

PS: your dad does look cute with a goatee.



I love how much thought went into your post! You are right about how we should as fellow bloggers be in prayer right now for the situations many of us are experiencing.

Still lifting your dad up that he receives a complete healing.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat


Thank you for praying for me. I think your Dad looks great for all he's going through. Loved your post and all the personal things you wrote. You are a cutie and may God bless all your plans and prosper you in your work and ministry.

Lots of hugs and prayers,



I have posted all the chapters I have written so far on my blog. It starts with the Gallery, then the Painting, The Dream, The Price of Fame and finally The Man Hole Cover.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by to ask. It makes sense if you start at the beginning.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Girly Muse

I'm so glad you're comfy today...having family time and time to just chill.

You'll have to tell us all about that Kindle!!! I'm so interested in that!

Your dad looks adorable. That smile looks like it could conquer anything.

Lots of love your way.


I'm sure it's good to be HOME!

I'm glad that my reviews have helped you find some good books to read.


Writing while you're in your PJ sounds so comfortable! So glad that you are able to be home and sort of take a break. In that process, hopefully you are very much rejuvenated before you head back to your dad. That's awesome! Resting in the Lord! Thank You Lord! I pray for the Lord to continue to guide you with His divine wisdom, give you the strength and comfort for the whole family and healing for your dad. He looks great even without the hair! Love you sister Loren. Take care.


Good, newsy, up close and personal post. I love it. Thank you for posting this and letting us draw a little closer to you. Also, thanks for the picture of your Dad.


Your dad is sooo cute!! What a beautiful smile! Sounds like you are having a nice week at home... enjoy every minute of it!!
Love & Blessings,

christy rose

Great start to your week Loren! Relax and enjoy it! I think your dad looks cute too!


I'm reading Hearing Jesus Speak Into Your Sorrow by Nancy Guthrie for a review I'm going to do. When I came to these words I thought of you: "I'm praying for you." Those words mean a lot when we're hurting. Someone cares enough to lift our names and our needs before the Father. And we know their prayers make a difference. "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results" (James 5:16). We don't always know what those results will be, but we can be sure that prayer matters and prayer produces." (This is the end of her words)

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