Wednesday, June 24, 2009

for today, June 24, 2009

For Today...

Outside my window... New surroundings here in Florida. My dads house sits on 50 acres. He has 2 horses, a cool red barn and so many trees. Seeing gecko's run everywhere and Frogs~ I am scared to death of Frogs! (thanks to my brother)

I am thinking... How grateful I am to be here, how much my children have love and supported me and my Dad...doing whatever is necessary....with total and complete love! I am so very proud of them!

I am thankful for... this time with my dad, just to hold his hand, make him tea, each day is precious. Also for all of those who are praying for him right now, Thankyou isn't even enough! For my husband who took time to drive to Missouri to spend time with my Nana because the Lord laid it upon his heart to do so! She and my Dad were sooo very appreciative! He is the most precious husband, more than I could have ever asked or dreamed of! My oldest daughter Krista, who lovingly checks on us everyday without fail....I love you and cherish you!

From the kitchen...This is definately an area the Lord has shown me to serve. The dr. told my dad he needs to keep his weight up....he lost 10 lbs. because upon learning his diagnosis he immediately started eating only fruits and veggies. So the Dr. said he needed to fatten up. My stepmom does not enjoy cooking so this is where I can definately help :) My husband is the much better cook in our home so although it is not as good as his I am doing my best and sitting down each night with my Dad and stepmom as a family is such a gift!

I am wearing... jean shorts, turqoise shirt with my betty jane crocs

I am reading... The Word and thats about all I can do right now. I must stand on it and let it be my lamp & my hope.

I am hoping... My dad can get some relief in his coughing. Today was really bad. He experienced pain for the first time today and is really concerned how he will handle this for 5 more weeks. This is when he will begin chemo and radiation on the chest tumor, for now tomorrow begins the brain radiation

I am creating... memories

I am praying... for a miracle! for a complete and total healing

Around the house... I am seeing my children and I be such a team, working together in total love and willing to see and ask the Lord daily....what today Lord can we do, give us ears and eyes to see and hear and hearts that would obey you!

One of my favorite things... ok this is so funny! My dad moved away the day after I graduated from highschool back in the 80's. So to say I know the little things that he does would not be true but today I learned a few things we are exactly alike in and it just brings joy to my soul.....we both love "GRAPE" jelly. We love our towels with alot of Downy fabric softener! :) We are both computer and techno geeks although he knows everything about them and I know nothing...just enough to get me by! We are CHIP AND SALSA fanatics!!! This I knew but cherish even more when we share it together!

A few plans for the rest of the week... radiation starts tomorrow and maybe we will be able to go to the movie....Transformers at the IMAX if Dad feels like it!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...These photos were taken by my daughter! She wants to be a photographer someday and I am so proud of her and her gift!



The other post, I cried. This post, I'm rejoicing! Because I can feel your joy as you share precious time with your dad, making wonderful mem'ries and even discovering things you both like. Joy...a wonderful gift that only comes from God. It is the inner celebration that no matter what goes outside can't change the fact that God loves us. To God be the glory! Praying still...Wonderful pics from a gifted photographer!

Steph T.

You are an amazing Daughter. Thank you for your example. We are praying and believing!!!!


Loren, you have such a loving, comforting soul & your dad is blessed to have you as a daughter. I pray for his healing & wish him & Barbie strength & peace during this difficult time.

Karen Mc

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
I love you my friend,
Karen Mc

Karen Mc

We are living proof of GOD's amazing healing power. Mike is cancer free today. GOD will do that for your Dad too. I believe it with all my heart. You and your family are in our prayers.
I love you my friend.


Continued prayers for sweet fellowship with your dad and more memory making adventures. GOD bless you for being HIS vessel in this time during your dad's illness.
Beautiful pictures from your talented daughter.

Blessings, prayers, and hugs, andrea


You are such a blessing to so many people. Please tell your daughter that she is a great photographer! I love the beautiful pictures. I pray for strength and health and peace for your Dad, in Jesus' name!


Iknow you're really busy at your Dad's, but it was so nice to hear from you and all that you are doing to help him now. I am praying for your strength and for your Dad. Your family sounds wonderful and caring. May God bless all of you and give you joy despite the circumstances.

I love you, Loren!


Your father is so blessed to have you loving him. I'm sure you're soaking up the love too.


What a blessing to spend such quality time together and learn all those little things that make you so much alike! Your daughter is very talented, those are beautiful pictures!!
Love & Prayers, Jennifer

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