Monday, June 15, 2009

Family Meetings

This is the first Motivate Me Monday with Composing Hallelujahs and I am so excited for Dana to be the new Vessel for this wonderful Post!

I would like to share with you the idea of Family Meetings. Years ago we began seeing a Life Coach. She really taught us (our family) how we are a TEAM! Her company name is Creative Teambuilders and she works with families, corporate teams etc. She introduced us to Family Meetings.

Each week (Same day every week) we meet together with our calendars (in whatever form that means~phone, dayplanner etc) and we share our events with one another inputing them into our schedules. We also plan menus ~ each person chooses a meal they would like to have and it works great! My favorite part of the meeting is when we share prayer needs with one another or when we share what the Lord has done or said to us that particular week. Sometimes, we will have our family bible study or study a book together and love the questions that arise and/or that are shared. We also play games that will bring out questions from the kids....The Ungame, great board game that initiates emotions and questions for all players. This can be found at any local Christian Bookstore. Cardversation, 104 Questions for Youth to deal with ~ these cards are great for kids of all ages and also have it clear which are for older youth and which are for younger kids. These also can be found at any Christian bookstore. We also play a game called "Empty the Bucket" this uses 4 words ~ MAD, SAD, GLAD AND AFRAID, WOW! This one is really good and the Lord works powerfully here! Talking to your kids is so very important! Keeping dialogue open and asking purposeful questions and opening the door to their hearts and minds is key these days! Reminding them that you are their biggest cheerleader and their safe place along with teaching them the ways of the Lord brings peace and security.

How about you~ What do you share at your family meetings?


Composing Hallelujahs

sounds like a wonderful way to bring the family together to reconnect in the midst of life's craziness!


This is a brilliant idea! I have always loved the Ungame and the family teases me, but I usually have the cards in my purse "just in case". Your family sounds so neat. Keep sharing and teaching us how it's down, Coach!

Thank you for your encourgement to me right now. I loved the scripture a lot.

I have an award for you on my post today!

The Real Me!

Very cool my friend. I'll have to check it out!!


We had our first one last night. My choleric personality didn't like how disorderly it was :), but it went well. We are looking forward to making it part of our daily routine and growing even more as a family because of it. Love ya, L !

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