Monday, May 4, 2009

If you're like most women we NEED motivation, especially on Mondays. My house typically has laundry to do and straightening up that needs to be done. Today I would say I was in extreme need of motivation, but enjoyed every minute of the reason I am so very tired. It seems that my sons school decides during the last 3-4 weeks to cram in quite a few VERY LARGE projects. (ie: morrocas, writing an 27 page hard bound book of their Life or autobiography) It has proven to be quite the task but also so much fun and we have all learned so much about our family tree. He had to do subjects like....Talents, accomplishments, Life Timeline, Future Plans and our family tree. I had to write a letter on the day of his arrival.(sniff, sniff, can I get a kleenex) So to say that we have taken a trip down memory lane would be most accurate. We literally worked together for over 10 hours NON STOP. We knew this would be a very busy week and also my mother in law went into the hospital so we wanted to be available for her and whatever she may need from us. So with my husband out of town, it was clear we needed to have all of the projects done and ready to be turned in this morning and we did it. My son was oh so very appreciative and expressed this over and over! As I looked back over his short but oh so fast twelve years I couldn't help but see Gods hand on my sweet son and our family. He has loved us, provided for us, blessed us beyond measure and we have all grown in Him. When J was born I did know the Lord and we lived for Him. Not all people do, I was not raised knowing the Lord or anything about Him so it overwhelms me to see my children not only KNOW Him but LIVE for Him, WORSHIP Him, and point others to Him. Sometimes it is even me that in their kind sensitive way they allow me to see my Heavenly Father and His uncondtional Love, Encouragement and Joy Unspeakable.
So when we feel overwhelmed by all the things we as women do, allow yourself to see through the eyes of Jesus when you look at your husband or your children. Invite the Holy Spirit to allow you to Hear the thoughts that He has for them. I think it will movitivate you and overwhelm you with HIS LOVE.

SarahMae over at likeawarmcupofcoffee has quite a few people who join in to help motivate us all so go check them out.


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