Sunday, March 29, 2009

spring time snow

When you live in Oklahoma, one thing is for sure....the weather will never disappoint you. My family pays pretty close attention to the forecast...My husband is a weather nerd of sorts ;)Anyway, I saw that we were being forecast to have snow over the weekend but at the time were in the midst of 70 degree temps so honestly didn't think it was possible. I even texted my daughter on Thurs. that we were suppose to get 6 in. of snow on Saturday followed with a baahahahahahaha. Well the joke was on me. I didn't do the usual run to the store and stock up thanks to my menu planning and mostly I just didn't think it was going to happen. When I stop to think of it....It is mostly when I think that way that the storms come and in this case....come it did. We woke up Saturday morning and it was snowing, then thundering then very quickly it became blizzard like conditions. The visibility was awful. My daughter had to work early and brian had planned on driving her but bc it wasn't doint anything nor did it look like it was going to do much he went ahead and let her drive. Well they (her boss) figured out the weather was turning bad so he decided to send her home this point it was still just the light snow. So Brian told her to drive safe and that turned into a blizzard. We were praying and pacing the kitchen. We didn't want to call her since she shouldn't be driving and talking but this was serious! Brian was ready to get in his car and go rescue his princess :) We ended up calling her and she was in fact scared to death, had almost run off into a ditch and truly couldn't see the lanes but she made it home safe and sound PRAISE THE LORD!!
The rest of the day was wonderful, we had family time, we played in the snow and then went to housechurch. As I reflect on the day and the snow I felt the Lord saying to me "Loren, My love is like the covers you like a blanket. And just like you doubted it coming, it came. It was slow, then full force but steady all throughout the day. That is how my love for my children is.... a steady and beautiful love whether you can see it or feel it, it is there" ALWAYS.

Here is few pics that just spoke to me

and here is some fun we had make a springtime snowman

God is sooo good, His love ....may it cover you all the days of your life!


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