Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring break 09'

We had a week that was full of most every emotion possible and we have seen Gods hand at work in soo many lives. We began the week with intentions of going to Dallas on Tues. evening after the meeting Brian had at work for the potential sale of his company. It took alot longer than we had thought and the emotional drain was also more than we had considered soo needless to say we decided at the last minute not to go anywhere out of town. Soo I began asking the Lord for some fun and creative ideas to do with our kids and in the voice of Emeril "BAM" IT hit me.....Take the kids and play a family game of "amazing race" OHHH my goodness it just flowed! The Lord and I dialogued back & forth, I then called my mom and asked her if she could prepare a course and how we could not receive the Next clue until we emailed the completed task along with picture. She did an amazing job and we had soo much fun! It was girls against guys and I quickly figured out why in the show they have taxis bc OMG the competitiveness comes out and you want to drive like crazy!! LOL. The game was cut short when we received a call that Brians mom had been taken to the hospital. She has C.O.P.D. and her oxygen levels were at a very dangerous level. She was transported to Tulsa and the dr says she has a bit of pnuemonia and will be there until mon or tues. We are happy she is improving but also know that with this kind of sickness (copd) we need nothing short of a miracle healing.

My brother had been planning his girlfriends 30th surprise party for about a month now and the day finally arrived! She was soo surprised and so many of her friends & family came to celebrate with her! It was fun seeing the joy in her eyes and the love in my brothers eyes. He truly did an amazing job!

Well I am going to leave you with some of the pics from our amazing race and also my garden that we transplanted into planters....yep you can call me FARMER MCGHEE :)


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