Friday, February 20, 2009

Thanks goodness it's Friday! I am soo happy to have a day at HOME. It seems as though I have had to run, work or DO, everyday for the past few weeks so I am very happy to have this day or at least morning FREE! :) Jantz has 2 parties tonite and one is in Tulsa so the running will begin as soon as I pick him up afterschool. *SIGH*
I am going to continue working on my blog today! It is soo much fun and very much a challenge LOL but will take it like I said One day at a time!

As I spent time praying this morning it seemed the list was so long and so heavy. The funeral of Jesse Goering is today and my heart was heavy for his father and family and all the kids who knew him. One of our youth, a precious young woman of God has been so affected by this and carried a burden because she "feels" she did not "Share the Love of Christ" with Jesse before he died but I know this: There are those people that when you are in their presence you are in the presence of our Lord because they are full of His Love and glory and it spills onto all those around them. I lifted her and all of those who are in that funeral today to truly experience God in a powerful way, for some it will be a Hope of Glory, for others, it will be Salvation and Forgiveness and for those who know Christ may it be that we all share the Love and Hope of Christ as He hides us behind his Cross and lets His Glory go forth.



Wow! It looks awesome! Keep it up, I can't wait to see what else you do with this! Have a great weekend! ~ Nicole

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