Saturday, February 28, 2009


We all laughed and the lady introducing said "No, this is a little boy!" He just looked again at Jantzen and said again in all seriousness. "well....she sure is pretty!" Jantzen just turned his head looking at me across the room and said "And, he is NOT kidding" we have continued to laugh and laugh about Pastor Bob. Well we were at the end of the circle of people and finally there sat Glynna, the lady they made the blanket for. Her head was down and she had no expression but easily showed her frustration. Jantz was introduced to her and they gave her the bag, Jantzen had to help her totally just getting the blanket out was a difficult task. They laid this beautiful blanket across her lap and asked her "Isn't it beautiful?" She said flat out "NO"
Jantz was not in the least offended but just lovingly smoothed it over her legs. Well, then the activity director who was doing all the introducing started to read the cards the kids had made for her. That is when the tears and wave of emotion began to flow. You see, Glynna was a author for childrens books and LOVES children. She was always found in a school "reading to them" and I just experienced such a powerful lesson as I watched all of this play out how Gods grace and how reaping and sowing play out in this life we choose to live. God chose Glynna of all these people to receive this gift. made by the loving hands of children and to hear the words of the children themselves wishing her well and for her to enjoy their labor now. Glynna gave her heart to children and now these children gave theirs to her. That is God, a loving father watching over all of us, whispering, providing, loving and caring for each of His. Jantzen was so grateful for this experience as was I. As I walked out with him, knowing we will return. I just looked at him and said The Favor of the Lord is upon you, in a mighty way, and I am soo blessed to be your mother. He looked at me and said...I didn't come here just for me....I knew you needed to smile mom. The depths of my sons heart is beyond anything I can understand but I know that He has a servants heart, like Davids. I can't wait to see what God has in store!

Friday- I was able to spend the evening with Brian, we went to dinner. I sat and listened about his week. This journey began 2 yrs ago with the possibility that his company would sell and my husband does NOT like change. He has worked for this company over 30yrs. I have literally watch Gods hand and my husbands trust move, grow deeper and wider with each day, month and year. He explained things to me last night about how he knows he has done everything he can do, within the company and also spiritually we have seen some pretty amazing miracles, and both of us know now why the timing has been sooooo long. But to hear my husband say...The realization that this still might not happen and I am ok either way still as I type this just moves me to the core. It is one of the things I learned about in Bible study this week that Beth Moore gave us an exericise to do about fear. fill in the blanks" Well if -------happens then I will------.
there are so many things to which we could write but brians #1 would probably been; If I lose my job then I will be a failure, or I will die. I know men have such a problem with their jobs being their identity but you see that is PART of what has been broken off of Brian. He knows his identity is in Christ, he knows that God is our provider, he knows that we will be ok because we are together and have each other. He knows God will keep matter what.

There are so many other things, seriously that I could type about but these are the highlites to me. I am soo humbled even as I type them out. God is so ....beyond words. truly nothing I can say will suffice. My heart overflows!



What a precious moment for you as a mother. Jantzen is growing under yours and Brian's loving shadow .. what a blessing! Beth said we would have an opportunity to use this week's lesson. You have been successful! Wish I could say the same about how I handled mine ...

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