Wednesday, May 9, 2012

achoo-God Bless you and you nasty ol' allergies be gone!

Have you all been suffering with the horrible allergies? It seems everyone in my area is struggling in one form or another! Sneezing, coughing, just out and out miserable! Claritin and Mucinex are a MUST right now for sure!

I have decided I want to do a 5K and possibly, well maybe, I don't know I just might, work up to doing a half marathon?
OH MY GOSH- I said it... I even wrote it so now it is impossible to take it back HA ;) Sure, I could just not POST this BUT in following through and speaking it, then I have to be accountable and I give you all permission to remind me or encourage me to (in the words of NIKE) JUST DO IT!!

Have you all been watching The Voice?? Oh my gosh, I was so happy to see Jermaine Win last night!! He was Giving all the glory to Jesus! and OH MY it was just precious when he was Holding his wife while singing that final time on the Voice Stage.... TEAR JERKER for sure!!! Here is the link to read more on the Winner!

Here you can see Jermaine's final performance
from Monday Night. He is singing "I Can Fly" Who were you voting for?

Happy Wednesday my friends!



Hi my friend, I so loved it that Jermaine won last night; after his song ended and he gave all praise to Jesus I said Amen. I will want to buy his c.d's. Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day Loren.
Hugs, Noreen


I was a nervous wreck during the last minutes of The Voice before the winner was announced. Jermaine was my favorite and he certainly deserved to win. When he gave the glory to Jesus it made me even more happy that he won. AND...I happen to think Blake Shelton is smokin' hot (yeah...that's right...I said it) so I was happy it was a win for him, too!
Sounds like you're doing well in OK...except for the allergies. We have them going on here in MN, too. It's just that time of year all the way around. Beautiful weather certainly makes up for it...and today in the Twin Cities it is absolutely gorgeous!
Enjoy your Thursday!


Yes, allergies have made us a mieserable bunch too! One of the reason that though I like spring, I don't LOVE it. Thank goodness for allergy pills. :-) You go girl...5k and then can do it!

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